Matthew Price, PhD.
Accenture Fellow World Economic Forum

Dr. Matthew Price is an accomplished research scientist, technologist, and award-winning creative with 20+ years of experience spanning XR, emerging technology research, media, and consulting. Dr. Price holds a Master's and Ph.D. in Media Psychology, with focused research in Presence, Emerging Technology, and Behavioral Neuroscience – as well as dual Bachelors in Media Arts and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society.

Matt is currently serving as an Accenture Research Fellow with the World Economic Forum on the ‘Defining and Building the Metaverse – Governance Initiative’. With the aid of global working group, Matt has co-authored white papers on Interoperability, Privacy & Safety, and Metaverse Identity. Concurrently, Dr. Price is also serving on the OECD Global Forum on Immersive Technologies. Matt is a Manager within the Responsible Innovation and Emerging Technology Practice at Accenture and a staunch advocate for ‘human-first’ responsible innovation in spatial computing.

He is a traveled speaker and recognized leader in XR and emerging tech and an active member of IEEE XR, APA Div. 46, and AAAS. In his career, he has held senior leadership roles in operations, market research, engineering, and innovation within Nielsen, BlueCross & BlueShield, Double-A Labs, Accenture, and XRSI – And the founder and Chief Reality Officer at RealityScience, LLC.