Whitney A. White
CEO & Co-Founder Equity Commons

Whitney A. White is the CEO and Co-Founder of Equity Commons. In this role, Whitney leads the business in addressing the pervasive issue of implicit bias by providing client organizations with immersive Virtual Reality training that reduces bias. Whitney and her team help companies trade in their traditional implicit bias training methods for Equity Commons’ immersive VR experiences, which leave a lasting impact and contribute to creating a world free of bias.

Previously, for more than 12 years, Whitney served as CEO of Afara Global, an innovation firm that guides startups, social enterprises, and corporate teams through the process of launching and scaling new products and services. Whitney is also the creator of Take Back Your Time, a coaching practice that helps high achievers cut through the noise of the million and one things on their plates and get on a clear path to achieving the goals that matter to them most.

Whitney began her career in management consulting with Bain & Company, where her work spanned go-to-market strategy, merger integration, and cost reduction projects across a myriad of industries. Whitney later led business expansion, supply chain, and logistics teams for multibillion-dollar e-commerce company McMaster-Carr prior to leading fulfillment operations on the Washington, DC launch team for Google Express.

A highly sought-after facilitator and speaker, Whitney captivates audiences with her incredible insight and unflinching candor. Her approachability and authenticity create immediate rapport, enabling in-depth discussions that delve far below the surface to create truly transformative moments for all who hear her speak. Moreover, Whitney’s commitment to tangible outcomes ensures audiences walk away with actionable steps they can take to create lasting impact in their own lives and organizations.

A graduate of Davidson College, Whitney founded the Davidson Tech Impact Fund in 2015, which provides paid experiential learning opportunities for women and students of color to intern with women and minority-owned businesses in critical areas related to tech at no cost to the business. Whitney is Chair of the Davidson College Board of Visitors and a member of the Davidson College Board of Trustees, where she serves on the Teaching, Learning, & Research and Audit & Finance committees.