Helen Lundström Erwin
Novelist & VR World Creator Powersimple, LLC

Helen is an acclaimed author whose novels vividly bring to life crucial periods in history. Her writing delves into the complexities of the early reproductive rights, suffrage, and abolitionist movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the intriguing sorcery trials of the 17th and 18th centuries. Recognized with the “2021 Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) New York Scholarship” and a grant from The Puffin Foundation, Helen's work artfully promotes Swedish culture and history.

In her compelling narratives, Helen explores the journeys of characters who are often based on or inspired by real historical figures. These characters navigate the challenges and triumphs of their times, providing readers with a deep understanding of the era's social and political landscapes.

Helen's "Sour Milk in Sheep’s Wool" intertwines the struggles of women defying societal norms, while "James’ Journey" portrays the transformative journey of a man from a pro-slavery upbringing to a key figure in the Underground Railroad. Her latest novel, "The Lure of Water and Wood," marks her foray into historical fantasy, based on rigorous research, and set in 17th and 18th century Sweden, inspired by actual sorcery trials.

Beyond her novels, Helen has established The Foremothers Café in the Metaverse, a space inspired by the cafe and women’s community in "Sour Milk in Sheep’s Wool." Designed for community discussions and cultural events it’s a place to honor the foremothers whose shoulders we stand on.

She is an active member of The Historical Novel Society-New York Chapter, The Suffrage Historians Collaborative, and XR Women, Helen also serves as Secretary of the Board for SWEA New York. Her talents extend to children's literature, with her book "Officer Helga Hedgehog Meets the New Neighbors" warmly addressing themes of diversity and acceptance.