Celeste Lear
Immersive Tech Specialist for Entertainment & Music DJ Celeste

Combination triple treat, event producer, 3D visual artist & DJ, Celeste (Lear) has been on a deep dive in the VR/AR/XR world working with the most current cutting edge technology for turning out consistently epic, futuristic immersive events and concerts in Virtual Reality. Truly the future of entertainment, where visionary DJs not only curate & mix epic music, but also conceptualize & design their own festival type stages, visuals & show up as avatars to perform. She has logged thousands of hours designing 3D modeled art, stages & visual effects for various VR platforms including WaveXR, which is one of the leading futuristic nightclubs. She is also a regular guest DJ with TribeXR, AltSpace, Sansar & Second Life, has a regular VR Music Lounge & Talk show on Mondays in AltSpace and has been featured as a speaker on various conferences, including CES in VR in 2021.