21 Mar 2024 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Fashion's Immersive Era
AWE USA 2023

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that revisits the most engaging content from AWE’s catalog of conference sessions. The past year has seen a rich library of insights including AWE USA, AWE Asia, and AWE Europe.

This week, we dive into the world of fashion. It's colliding with spatial computing in several ways, from virtual try-ons to self-expression in gaming and online worlds. How is it all coming together and where's it going next?

See the summarized takeaways below, along with the full session video. Stay tuned for more video highlights each week and check out the full library on awe.live and AWE’s YouTube Channel.

Maya Kosovalic
Akbar Hamid
Cathy Hackl
Agustina Sartori

– The collision of physical and digital realms (a.k.a. phygital) is happening all around us. 
– One opportune place that this convergence occurs is fashion and self-expression.  
   – This includes but transcends the area we looked at recently: AR virtual try-ons.
– Shared digital spaces, such as online games, are becoming places to express oneself.
   – This comes about as online synchronous environments are becoming social hubs
– For gen-Alpha (~12 and under) these environments are a part of their reality.
   – As such, one's digital representation becomes a key element of identity. 
   – And that's migrating to the real world... just like Street wear influenced high fashion. 
– Given all the above engagement, the opportunity is for brands to participate. 
  – Ulta Beauty did this with the Ultaverse and drove half a million users in just 2 weeks. 
– All the above starts to invoke the m-word, though the opportunity is more immediate.
   – Though the metaverse has become passe, the opportunity is very real in online gaming. 
   – The opportunity will only grow as the actual metaverse materializes over several decades.
– There's an opportunity to keep adding interactivity, such as live celebrity appearances.
– Another opportunity lies with the convergence with AI for more empowered content creation.

For more color, see the full session below...

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