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Jun 2

09:00 AM - 09:25 AM


An exploration of the skills and strategies that are necessary to create stand-out experiences in the fast-paced and disruptive world of AR creation. Led by Luke Hurd and Lianne Baron, this presentation will cover how Creators tailor large-scale AR experiences to meet the needs of different audiences, using AR installations at Coachella as the backdrop.

If you're a beginner or an experienced AR creator, this is sure to provide valuable insights that you can use to enhance your skills, stay competitive and grow your career.


Director Experience Design (Innovation) , VML
AR Partnerships , Meta
Jun 2

09:30 AM - 09:55 AM


As the world of XR rapidly evolves, emerging passthrough MR experiences are opening up a new realm of possibilities. These new experiences allow users to clearly view and interact with virtual objects overlaid onto the real world in real-time. Combined with hand tracking technology, passthrough MR has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content and tools.

This talk will explore the latest developments in passthrough MR and hand tracking technology and how they can be leveraged to create the next generation of XR headsets, enterprise applications, and entertainment experiences. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of designing solutions that take advantage of these technologies, including issues related to user experience, interaction design, and performance.

We will also showcase some of the most exciting current and future use cases for passthrough MR and hand tracking in the enterprise space, including remote collaboration, training and education, and real-time data visualization. Finally, we will explore the implications of these technologies for the future of work and productivity, and discuss the potential impact on industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to entertainment.

Whether you are a designer, developer, or business leader interested in the latest developments in XR technology, this talk will provide valuable insights and inspiration for how to leverage passthrough MR and hand tracking to create compelling entertainment experiences and transformative enterprise applications.


CEO , 3lbXR & 3lb Games
Jun 2

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM


Join us for this very special panel featuring top creators in XR building AR apps and filters for the world to enjoy. Find out more about their latest projects in a lightning round where they'll each be given only 4 minutes to present in an extended "elevator pitch" sort of format.


Creative Director and Entrepreneur , Universe AR
AR Artist and Creative Technologist , The Mill
Community Manager for TikTok , ByteDance
Social AR Developer, Influencer and Designer , White Glove Media
Founder & Creative Director , videOrbit Studio
AR Developer , Julia Roga AR
Founder & CEO , Imvizar
Founder , Synergy Studio
Jun 2

12:50 PM - 01:45 PM


How do you overcome the challenges and benefits of building your own social VR community? Join this expert panel, including VR Dev YouTubers, BCVR (Burning Man VR) World Builders, passionate VR Community organizers, and global management firm employees using VR, as they answer that question and explore how to create a positive experience for users, community managers, and world builders while avoiding the drawbacks of walled gardens like data collection, lack of ownership, and arbitrary limitations and rules. Don't miss this insightful discussion on the future of the open Metaverse!


CEO , Big Rock Creative
CTO , CyberHub Syndicate
CEO , Spatial Ape
Executive Director , Virtual World Society
Managing Director , Sia Partners
Jun 2

01:50 PM - 02:15 PM


What's the secret to creating innovative XR experiences? Lucas says it's accidents... done on purpose!

In this talk, award-winning designer, TED 2023 speaker and viral artist Lucas Rizzotto will go over many of his viral XR creations and explain how you can create amazing XR innovations by accident... all while creating a following of millions in the process.

This talk will also feature a sneak-peek at Lucas's next MR startup and how it's using accidental innovations to revolutionize a space in XR everyone's been ignoring.


Creator , Lucas Builds the Future
Jun 2

02:20 PM - 02:45 PM


Coming Soon!


Founder / Executive Creative Director , &Pull
Jun 2

02:50 PM - 03:15 PM


Few people believed that the internet would be preferred to television and that a subscription system would be preferred to a one-time purchase, but it happened. And that's because someone prepared for success in advance. Created their blue ocean. Set the sails in advance. Do you see what I mean?

Now, AR is already shining on the market, but an important event for the entire tech world looms on the horizon: the long-awaited release of AR glasses. Giants such as Apple and Samsung are planning their release as early as 2023, and with them, the Quest ecosystem from Meta is actively developing. Imagine that those long-awaited AR glasses are already in your hands. What will you do with them?

Most admit that they are more likely to just twirl the glasses in their hands, try them on a couple of times and then just put them away for a long time. That's because they don't have a user behavior pattern. So, no need to wait for the wind, grab the sail and set it now. After all, AR exists not only in rare expensive gadgets but also in your personal smartphone. If for some reason you think that AR is out of your way and that such behavioral patterns have nothing to do with you, then let's look at AR from the other side.

And to do this, let's discuss the following questions.

- What kind of content will we need tomorrow and how do we start applying it today? What technologies are needed to create it?

- Looking for effective use of AR for the tasks of clients, business? Learning to measure.

- New AR professions of the future

- Don't wait for mass production of AR glasses. How to teach clients and partners to work with AR?

- What can the community start doing today?


CEO & Founder , DEVAR