Georg Hobmeier
Creative Director Causa Creations

Georg Hobmeier is an accomplished creative director and game designer at Causa Creations, renowned for his expertise in merging art, technology, and education. Transitioning from an education and a career in theatre and interactive performance art, Georg brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to his work. As a co-founder of Causa Creations, he has led the creative direction of various projects, including the critically acclaimed serious games "Path Out" and "Glasfäden". His extensive background and commitment to merging art, technology, and education make Georg Hobmeier a highly sought-after speaker at conferences exploring the intersection of XR, games and education. He previously spoke at various high level conferences and events such as Gamescom, the Mobile Monetization Summit, Adventure X, Reboot Develop and many others.


Oct 24

14:30 - 15:00


AR Lightning Round

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