Leslie Forsberg
VR Development Boeing

Leslie Forsberg has been leading virtual reality (VR) activities within Boeing Global Services’ (BGS) Support & Services VR Solutions Team for Analytics & Digital Solutions Engineering for the last 8 year utilizing game engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). She and the team create customized immersive experiences for various types of users throughout the lifecycle of a product focusing on Support and Services.

Prior to that she spent 18 years focusing on digital maintainability verifying airplane and system level requirements ensuring that airline mechanics can perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Leslie also serves as an Associate Technical Fellow (ATF) for Digital Maintainability, and a chairperson for Community of Experts (COE) for Dassault Systèmes Solutions Extend Reality (xR) subdivision.

Lastly, Leslie is proud to be a 4th generation Boeing employee.