Leila Amirsadeghi
Principal Program Manager Principal Program Manager

Leila recently joined the Industry Solutions Engineering team at Microsoft as Principal Program Manager, driving innovation with strategic customers to solve business problems with future tech (AI/AR/VR). Leila was Principal Product Manager on Microsoft Mesh where she helped birth, build and launch the product to market, and was Product Manager on AltspaceVR, Microsoft’s metaverse and mixed reality platforms.

With over 25 years in entertainment, digital product development, and production, Leila has created content and built products across mobile, web, OTT, AI, AR, VR, and the metaverse, as well as launching award-winning integrated campaigns for brands and startups.

She’s worked on major franchises including Halo, Star Wars and X-Men, and has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies including, Disney, Red Bull, Comcast, Sky Broadcasting, Mattel, Two Bit Circus, Chevron, Warner Bros, AREA15, Takeda, Live Nation, Accenture, Citi, Meow Wolf, Activision, Universal Studios, and the World Economic Forum.

Leila has worked on large-scale physical and virtual productions, including Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and the multi award-winning BRCvr, has launched several immersive and location-based experiences, and was co-creator of the Unreal Garden, the world's first mixed reality consumer LBE experience.

Leila started working on immersive and interactive projects in 2007, AR in 2008, and gaming in 2009. Leila is co-author of the book “A Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts & Roles of Immersive Media”, founder of XR consultancy MESH, and a member of Spatial Activations.

Leila sits on the Boards of Cloudtree Ventures, Enklu, Ethereal Matter, and Vibes + Logic, and is a member of AIXR’s LBE Advisory Board, and as one of the early pioneers of the metaverse, Leila continues to push the boundaries of what is possible across the physical and digital worlds. Leila is a veteran Burner of over 20 years and was a Shift Lead in the Black Rock Rangers for several years.