Shelley Peterson
Founder | XR Industry Pioneer Wizard Wells

Shelley Peterson’s combined skill and decades of experience across the XR industry have resulted in repeated demonstration of the value of this emerging technology across numerous manufacturing programs, including Lockheed Martin’s civil, commercial, and defense space programs. Having served as a Director within Microsoft's Mixed Reality organization, Shelley designs methods for strategic implementation of mixed reality technology to aid in driving ROI and impactful value for numerous sectors, which includes industry partners, public sector organizations, and education.

Shelley obtained her mathematics and physics degree at a young age, and taught college math at the University of North Texas at age 20. Early in her professional career, Shelley founded a business focused on emerging technology solutions, including military aircraft distributed mission training and a multi-spectral imaging monocular for SOCOM. Her pursuits have included software development on the B1-Bomber simulator at Dyess AFB, electronic warfare capabilities at E-Systems, and she has served on the Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) satellite program as the first certified Mission Management crew member and crew instructor.

Shelley also serves on the Barbara Bush Foundation Technology Advisory Board, supporting adult and family literacy, the AWE Advisory Committee, and the GlobalMindED Board.

Shelley has been invited as a guest instructor for numerous universities and organizations including Stanford Univ, MIT, NYU, CU Denver, McMaster University, Women In Technology Summit, TechGirlz, Colorado Technology Association, EmTech Next, EmTech Singapore,Global MindED, SxSW, a consultant to the Bulgarian government. Her work has been highlighted in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, and a host of other sources.

In her spare time, Shelley teaches college mathematics as an adjunct, enjoys volunteering for and speaking at STEM events, and operates Shotlink Lasers for the PGA.