Anna Belova
CEO & Founder DEVAR

Anna is a self-made businesswoman and tech entrepreneur who was recognized by Forbes Under 30. Since 2015, she has actively worked in the augmented reality (AR) industry, with a passion for the synergy between technology, art, and immersive experiences created through AR.

Anna's first business venture involved creating AR products, including books and consumer goods, and her team has sold over 13 million units worldwide. She has also collaborated with renowned brands like Hasbro and Nickelodeon and her branded products are available in 74 countries and 27 languages.

In 2021, Anna launched MyWebAR, a public no-code platform that allows anyone to create their own AR experiences without programming skills. The platform is one of the three most popular webAR platforms in the world (SimilarWeb, 2023). 

Anna regularly participates in conferences and media as a guest expert (Forbes, TechWeek, EdCrunch, Entrepreneur, AR Post, UpTechReport, etc.)