Leonard Daly
President Daly Realism

Leonard Daly is an XR systems architect consultant and President of Daly Realism. He specializes in open systems integration of XR, commerce, and geographical information systems. He currently chairs or holds other leadership positions in the Khronos working groups: 3D Commerce, Certification and Verification, Tooling, and Geospatial. As an an active member of several organizations for the creation of various web standards including Khronos, W3C, Web3D Consortium, and Open Geospatial Consortium; he has presented at many conferences including SIGGRAPH, Web3D, HTML5, and SVVR Expo on various XR topics. His current work is supporting the development and adoption of open standards for transmission and display of 3D models within the Commerce, Geospatial, and Metaverse verticals. He also chairs the Electronic Services Committee of LA ACM SIGGRAPH. Mr. Daly holds a BS in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.