Joshua Rubin
Chief Creative Officer Subverse Narrative Consulting

Joshua Rubin is an Interactive Emmy-winning veteran of the game industry, best know for his writing on Ubisoft's ASSASSIN'S CREED 2, Bungie's DESTINY, Telltale's GAME OF THRONES and WALKING DEAD, and OUTRIDERS from Square Enix/People Can Fly. He has done pioneering work in Mixed Reality, on projects including GROUNDHOG DAY VR: LIKE FATHER LIKE SON with Sony/Tequila Works, AR thriller ASSET 15 with Doug Limon’s 30 Ninjas, and his award-winning Sci-Fi VR short THE ARGOS FILE, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Most recently, he was Narrative Director on a massive, top secret AAA project for Techland. Through Subverse Interactive Narrative Consulting (, Joshua works with game studios around the world to super-charge their story-craft and help them realize their creative vision.