Eddy Adams
Augmented Reality Designer Eddy Adams LLC

Eddy Adams is a seasoned augmented reality (AR) designer based in sunny Los Angeles. Starting his career as a 3D motion designer in much-less-sunny Seattle, Eddy spent a decade making TV commercials for clients like Amazon, Microsoft, and Ford. Then, in 2019, he stumbled upon a freelance gig that would spark his passion for AR and change his life forever. The transition from 3D to AR was seamless, leading him to quickly begin collaborating with major brands while setting new benchmarks for what is possible in AR. After becoming established in the industry, he created a comprehensive online course for Meta Spark Studio, which was eventually acquired by Meta and incorporated into their official curriculum. Today, Eddy specializes in crafting cutting-edge AR filters for some truly inspiring clients, utilizing sophisticated 3D techniques to add a level of fidelity not often seen in AR. His roster of clients now includes Apple, Netflix, Balenciaga, Coachella, BMW, Paramount, and more. Across all social media platforms, his work has garnered literally billions of views. While not working on AR filters, Eddy also enjoys giving talks and speaking on panels to help spread the word that augmented reality can be a thrilling and profitable career.