Austin Arnwine
Instructional Technology Lead ORETTC

Austin Arnwine, currently serves as the Instructional Technology Lead for Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS)/ Oak Ridge Enhanced Technology and Training Center (ORETTC) in Oak Ridge, TN, Austin brings over a decade of expertise in the realm of instructional design, learning technology, and research and development.

Throughout his career, Austin has been instrumental in the development and implementation of eLearning initiatives, instructional multimedia assets, and the successful integration of cutting-edge technologies for both fortune 500 companies and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Austin's professional journey reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning methodologies forward. His current role involves leading research and development endeavors, with a particular focus on extended reality (XR) applications. This encompasses augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality training simulations, and the integration of haptic force feedback in high-risk/low-occurrence training scenarios.

Equipped with a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from James Madison University, Austin seeks to continually contribute to the evolution of instructional practices and immersive learning experiences in critical sectors such as nuclear security and emerging technology training.