Anatola Araba
Founder, Filmmaker, Futurist Reimagine Story Lab

Anatola is an artist, futurist, and award-winning filmmaker. She’s also the founder of Reimagine Story Lab, an innovation hub pushing the boundaries of storytelling by fusing art and technology.

She explores our most pressing issues, from artificial intelligence bias to climate change, through sci-fi storytelling, immersive experiences, and multi-media journalism.

Her film, Afro Algorithms, has screened across the globe and has been selected to be onboard NASA’s first Moon mission since 1972.

Anatola has given talks at the United Nations and leading Universities. Her art has been exhibited in the MoMA in NYC, her films have been shown at Lincoln Center, and her writing published in ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar.

Anatola’s passion is to inform, inspire, and reimagine the world as it could be.